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2017 Odate-Noshiro Airport Travel Package
Establishment Budget Aid Project

2017 Odate-Noshiro Airport Travel Package Establishment Budget Aid Project

To increase the number of users of Odate-Noshiro Airport, we have established a grant for establishing travel packages. In order to proactively make use of this project, please read the overview below.

Project Overview

With the intent of increasing customer flow within our airport, this project is available to grant subsidies towards the establishment of travel packages utilizing Odate-Noshiro Airport, as well as for the rental of charter buses.

Target Businesses

Applicants should meet one of the below requirements.

  • ①Domestic travel agencies who operate under the laws of the Travel Agency Act.
  • ②Overseas travel agencies that are registered under similar local law.

Target travel packages

1 Travel package establishment subsidy

  • Travel packages should meet the following requirements:
  • ①Application・Execution
    Package advertised and run between April, 2017 and February, 2018
    ②Tour Route
    To or from Odate-Noshiro Airport
    ③Overnight Stay
    Must include at least a 1-night stay within Akita
    ④Verification of usage
    Must provide a report to check the use of the subsidy.

2 Charter bus rental subsidy

  • Travel packages should meet the above, as well as the following conditions:
  • (Requirements)
  • ・Execution Period
    From April, 2017 to February, 2018
    ・Bus Companies
    Buses must be rented from a company within Akita.

Project Details

The content and amount of subsidy is to be granted within the budget as follows. The maximum amount granted is one million yen per company.

1 Travel package subsidy

①Subsidy amounts

  • ・Each package is granted 100,000 yen per tour.
  • ・The maximum amount will be 200,000 yen per tour if the package meets the following conditions:
  • (ⅰ)The package uses the Akita Nairiku or Chokai Sanroku Railway
  • (ⅱ)The package runs between December, 2017 and February, 2018

②Verification of usage

  • You will be required to attach package tour contents (flyers, ads, a PDF file of the HP) and a breakdown of costs (with invoices and receipts) to your report.
  • ※Expenses: planning (labor), travel, advertisement, administration, etc.

2 Charter bus subsidy

①Subsidy amount

  • ・Half of the cost for renting charter buses for the package will be provided, up to a maximum of 100,000yen.
  • ・In the case of staying in Akita longer than 2 nights, the maximum amount will be 150,000 yen.

②Verification of usage

  • ・You will be required to attach an invoice or receipt for the bus rental fees on your report.

Other Info

Project organizer……
Odate-Noshiro Airport Promotion Assembly
Results report……
You are required to submit the following documents after carrying out this project (in the case of granting subsidy for renting charter buses: when the tours are completed):
details of travel package, cost breakdown (with invoices and receipts), and an invoice/receipt for bus rental.
Status report……
You are required to submit a status report on the state of the package’s execution (state of customer applications) in addition to the results report.

Application Procedure

Applications will open on April 3, 2017. Please submit your application forms to the contact below.

Click here for download(Project Overview)

Click here for download(Application Form)


  • Akita Prefecture, Department of Tourism, Culture, and Sports, Transportation Policy Division
  • 3-1-1 Sanno, Akita-shi, Akita-ken, 〒010-8572
  • TEL:+81-18-860-1282 FAX:+81-18-860-3879